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Simon's Reagent

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Simon's Reagent


  • One 5ml Bottle Containing The Simon's A Reagent
  • One 5ml Bottle Containing The Simon's B Reagent
  • FREE Safety Gloves
  • One Test Tube
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Color Chart For Reading Results
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The Simon’s test is used to detect the presence of secondary amines. Secondary amines are amines in which the amino group is directly bonded to two carbons and one hydrogen. See figure.

secondary amine Smplest drug testing Simon's reagent

By contrast, Simon’s reagent does not react with primary or tertiary amines. Primary amines are amines in which the amino group is directly bonded to one carbon and two hydrogens. Tertiary amines are amines in which the amino group is directly bonded to three carbons and no hydrogen. See figure above.

Simon’s reagent is therefore very commonly used as a secondary test to distinguish between a compound and its homologues / derivatives.

Please check the chemical structure of the compound you intend to test to determine whether or not it should react positively with the Simon’s reagent.



Place a small sample (2-5mg) of the substance you want to analyze in the provided plastic tube. If preferred, the test can be performed on a white ceramic surface for clearer results (e.g. kitchen plate). Add to the sample a drop of Simon’s-A followed by a drop of the Reagent-B; expect it to change colors if it a secondary amine. Use our legend to interpret results. When finished, clean all material thoroughly with plenty of water. Store at cold temperature (preferably in the freezer for a longer shelf life).



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