LSD Microdosing Kit

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LSD Microdosing Kit - Smplest
LSD Microdosing Kit - Smplest
LSD Microdosing Kit - Smplest

Smplest's LSD Microdosing kit includes:

- Graduated Plastic Bottle (100 ml, sterile)

- Syringe (10 ml, sterile)

- Ehrlich Reagent (5 ml, enough for 50+ tests)

- Hofmann Reagent (5 ml, enough for 50+ tests)

- 2 Plastic Testing Tubes

- Nitrile Safety Gloves


Microdosing is known as taking small doses of a psychedelic with the aim of improving mood, concentration, creativity and overall presence. 

The benefits of microdosing are multiple and potentially life-changing. This practice is rapidly gaining traction and, in order to microdose safely, it is essential to pay attention to three very important factors: 

  • Analyzing the substance to confirm it is safe
  • Dosing correctly 
  • Storing correctly


How does Smplest's Microdosing kit address these needs?

  • It includes 2 testing reagents (Hofmann and Ehrlich). Other microdosing kits only include the Ehrlich reagent or none at all. When possible, psychedelics should always be tested with both reagents for maximum safety. This allows to:
    • Confirm the presence of the psychedelic
    • Rule out potentially dangerous adulterants
  • It includes Graduated Volumetric Material. The solution should be prepared and dosed through the use of graduated recipients (bottle AND syringe). Otherwise, dosage becomes erratic and unreliable. We strongly advise against using non-laboratory grade material. When purchasing microdosing material pay special attention to the bottle. It must always be marked (graduated) to ensure precision. 
  • All provided material is sterile to avoid the potential degradation of the psychedelic over time when stored.



Insert a full blotter tab in the empty bottle (tabs typically contain 100 micrograms of LSD). Fill up the bottle with DISTILLED water (not tap water, since it can degrade the LSD). You may purchase 1L of distilled water at any pharmacy or drugstore for less than 1€. Close the bottle and keep it in a dark space (you may also cover it with aluminium foil). Let this preparation sit for approximately 24 hours.

At this point, the solution will contain 1 microgram LSD/ml distilled water. You may use the syringe to extract an EXACT amount of LSD (example: 10ml of the solution would equate to 10 micrograms of LSD, a typical microdose).

IMPORTANT: The blotter should be tested prior to this protocol. We strongly advise against using blotters that have not been tested with the Hofmann and Ehrlich reagents. Cut off a small corner of a blotter and use it exclusively for testing. Follow standard testing instructions for the Hofmann and Ehrlich tests. Do not expose the rest of the blotter to the reagents.



Founded in early 2017, we are a group of Barcelona-based PhDs and experts in drug harm reduction. You can ask us anything. We're here to help. Just drop us a line at 

We produce only high laboratory grade reagents. We are currently the most trusted and well rated harm reduction laboratory in the European marketplace, including Amazon.



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