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Hofmann Reagent

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Hofmann Reagent

The Hofmann Reagent, also known as p-DMAB-TS, is most commonly used as a secondary test to Ehrlich, when detecting compounds with an indolic ring in their chemical structure.

Standard preparation: To a cool solution of 65 ml of H2SO4 in 35 ml H2O, 125 mg of para-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde (DMAB) is added. The resulting preparation is dissolved and cooled to room temperature. Finally, 2 drops of FeCl3-TS are added. 



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Place a small sample (2-5mg) of the substance you want to analyze in the provided plastic tube. If preferred, the test can be performed on a white ceramic surface for clearer results. 

For clearest results, use a very small drop of the Hofmann reagent (just enough to impregnate the tested sample) and let is sit for a while until the change in colors becomes very apparent (up to 10 minutes if necessary).

When finished, clean all material thoroughly with plenty of water.  Store at cold temperature, preferably in the freezer for longer shelf life (up to 12 months).



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