What is the legal status of drug testing reagent kits? Are they illegal or is it OK to purchase them?

Andres Ciudad

This is a typical misconception. Drug testing reagents such as marquis, ehrlich, mandelin and mecke are perfectly legal. The fact that these reagents can be used to detect illegal drugs does not mean the reagents themselves are illegal. Think of it as any drug paraphernalia (e.g. smoking pipe, cannabis grinder, etc.) 

The content of these reagents can be easily found on the internet, even on wikipedia. You'll see that all ingredients can be easily purchased (either in neighborhood drugstores or from lab suppliers).

However, if you'd feel more comfortable (for personal discretion purposes), we can always ship the kits in stealth mode (i.e. plain bottle without any indication of the content; instructions sent via email).

Furthermore, note that we have our headquarters in Spain, meaning that, if you are in an EU State as well, you may purchase our products freely, without the merchandise going through Customs (which could potentially increase cost and delivery time).

Stay Safe!!!

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