Brief introduction to drugs of abuse and Smplest Drug Testing

Andres Ciudad

The World Health Organization defines a drug as a chemical substance that has known biological effects on humans or animals, foods being excluded from this definition. In this sense, humans have always searched for psychoactive drugs (natural or synthetic) with the capability of altering the central nervous system, giving rise to new subjective perceptions of reality, as well as changes in mood and normal human interaction.

Psychoactive drugs can have many different effects, ranging from stimulation to psychedelia or sedation, among others, and can have potential for abuse, due to the “pleasurable” nature of the effects they elicit. Currently, the list of existing psychoactive drugs is very extensive. Here at Smplest we will break the main substances down for you. And, as always, you can drop us a line at, and we'll answer any specific doubts you may have. 

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